DIY fertility tracking, 2016 – ongoing

A new project around female fertility: collecting research, stories, and experiences around fertility awareness and the female reproductive cycle in our cultures and societies. It is a collaboration with the amazing Jennifer Brook. Microscopes inspired by Hackteria.

The project continues to be developed here:

DIYBio fertility tracking workshop: Hack your hormones

Every month our bodies cycle through a symphony of hormones that drive complex physical and emotional changes designed to prepare our bodies for pregnancy. In this workshop we will experiment with building simple DIY microscopes to test fertility by detecting changes in saliva. We will share our experience and ideas about the role of fertility cycles in our lives and the possibilities for and implications of self-tracking – be it to achieve or avoid pregnancy, to monitor reproductive health, or for a deeper understanding of our biological selves.

Developed for the Wilde Möhre Festival, 12-14th August 2016

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