Mozilla Open Leadership Training, 2017 – ongoing

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I was lucky enough to get accepted to join the 3rd cohort of the Mozilla Open Leadership Training. I used it to focus time on developing the DIY Science Network – a project for all the hackers, artists, weird scientists, activists, organisers, enthusiasts, concerned citizens, patients, and their communities, who are getting to grips with science despite not being part of a research institution –  a peer network to share experience, learn from, and support each other.

Being part of the training scheme was really great for the project. I learned github skills and a lot of new best practice methods for community building and collaborative working from Mozilla Science Lab’s experts, met some fantastic people, got mentored for a whole 10 weeks by the amazing Bastian Greshake, could really dedicate time to the project, took part in the 2017 Mozilla Global Sprint, and brought our cause to a big new audience.

DIYScience GitHub Repo // On MozillaPulse // On the Mozilla Open Leadership blog

In early 2018 I joined the 5th cohort of Mozilla Open Leaders as a mentor to two projects:

  1. Alecia Kuhl and Christine Prefontaine with the project to open StoryEngine, a narrative-based methodology qualitative research methodology that organisations can use to understand their communities and evaluate their programmes.
  2. Virginia Brussa with the project M4Labs, an open project to study methodologies used in labs and innovation spaces.

In late 2018 I stayed in the loop for the 6th cohort of Mozilla Open Leaders as an expert, offering advice and brainstorming around community-building and event design for several different projects.

Further Projects