STATE Experience Science Festival 2014 – 2015

Science curator, STATE Experience Science gGmbH

Festival 2014: STATE of Time

2014 Festival Guide

I joined the team of this new festival early in 2014 and played a major role in shaping its character. We tried as much as possible, inspired by projects like Guerilla Science, Secret Cinema, and the Science Gallery Dublin, to break away from the classic model of lectures in front of a passive audience by creating immersive and interactive experiences. Inside the theme, Time, I was responsible for curating the main programme of talks and workshops as well as co-creating and realising interactive experiences and crowd-science projects together with scientists, designers, architects, developers, technicians, and volunteers.

I stayed with the project through late 2015, developing and delivering content for other events, as well as curating the theme for the 2016 festival (STATE of Emotion), building initial relationships with contributors and stakeholders, and securing initial funding together with the festival director and art curator.


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