Hi! I’m a science hacker, community organiser, and open society activist living and working in Berlin. I’m a biologist at heart and by training, fascinated by the very weird and extremely small molecular world.

Open knowledge and open society activist, currently at Wikimedia Germany developing open data projects for cultural heritage, co-host of the DIY Science Podcast, occasional biohacker, aspiring gardener and balcony composter. I formerly co-organised the volunteer-run community hackathon Science Hack Day Berlin (2014-18), co-founded the Berlin Science Hacking Meetup, and have distant memories of being a molecular biologist.

I specialise in events that foster exchange and collaboration (hacks and hackathons, social or community events, facilitated discussions) and experiences that support learning and discovery (workshops, hands-on activities, experiments). If you’d like to collaborate or hire me, please get in touch! hello@lucypatterson.de

What I’m currently thinking about:
twitter: https://twitter.com/lu_cyP
blog: https://medium.com/@lu_cyP
inspiration blog: http://bobahehe.tumblr.com/

linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucyjpatterson