Open Source Circular Economy Days Berlin 2018

OSCE Days Berlin 2018

The OSCE days (Open Source Circular Economy Days) is an annual event that takes place in cities around the world, founded in Berlin in 2015.

As a longtime friend of this event and its organisers I joined the team as an event manager to support the 2018 Berlin edition, June 14-16 2018 at EUREF Campus. The event is conceived an open platform for decentralised organisation. We created the framework (fundraising and partnering, location, facilities, basic event infrastructure like promotion, ticket sales, scheduling, catering, volunteer coordination, communication) and opened a call for community members to add their content. As such we could bring a diverse audience of over 250 visitors from design, science, politics, business, digitech and grassroots a program of more than 21 talks, 6 panels, 27 workshops, 12 booths, 3 tours and 4 exhibitions on a sustainable open future of our economy.

Full documentation: oscedays berlin 2018 documentation – 3mb

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